Darolyn Lewis FNTP, CGP 

Epidemic Answers Health Coach

Darolyn Lewis a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Epidemic Answers & AIP Health Coach. I help parents with kids on the autism spectrum and coach them to understand the important role nutrition plays in helping their kids' health and well-being.

Darolyn Lewis FNTP CGP | Holistic Kids Nutrition Coach | Helping Kids with Autism Thrive | Creator of The Nutritional Spectrum School | Autism Support Program

The importance of nutrition and its impact on the health of children, especially those on the autism spectrum, cannot be understated. With this in the forefront of their approach, The Nutritional Spectrum School was created to assist parents who are looking to implement and maintain a nutritious lifestyle for their child from early childhood into adolescence. They understand that environmental factors, such as diet or living environment can play a major role when it comes to health and preserving overall wellbeing. As such, the school specializes in knowledge-sharing about how to reduce toxin load in kids and how to build resilience through nutrition. Their special area of expertise is helping parents understand that good nutrition is essential for healthy development growth in children with special needs.

After enrolling in the nutrition spectrum school, you will begin to understand nutrition's tremendous impact upon children with autism. Through our nutrition and autism courses, you'll become equipped with the knowledge and resources to make healthier eating decisions for your children, allowing them to reduce their toxic load. Our courses guide you on how environmental factors affect your child’s health so that you can better understand the importance of nutrition for those with autism and give them the best approach towards an overall healthier lifestyle.